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#MeatlessMonday: Sakura’s Bean and Corn Salad.

February 6, 2012
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My cousin Sakura is famous for this salad.  The other day my mom and sister called her almost at the same time to ask for this recipe, and when she served at her house last Saturday I knew I had to share it here on my blog. I started writing this post on Saturday night […]

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Strawberry Pistachio Green Salad

November 30, 2011
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My dad drove my two obaasans to Constanza on Monday, they had been staying for a week at my grandma’s and my dad had to go anyways to get some herb and flower plants for his new project at Pedernales. Constanza is one of my favorite towns in this half-island. No matter the season you […]

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Raw Zucchini Salad

November 8, 2011
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I just made this for lunch and it was so pretty I had to take some photos before eating it… Not every day iPhone photos, since I photograph almost everything I eat. I used my DSLR and took like a dozen pics, then put the camera away and ten minutes later the bowl was empty. Making this […]

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Warm-weather vegetable pot-au-feu ~ FFwD

June 3, 2011
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Gotta love a recipe with beautiful fresh veggies! Pot-au-feu is a french beef stew, love this lighter version with no meat. I used veggie stock and substituted shiitake mushrooms with oyster mushrooms. I haven’t been able to find asparagus in the past month so it’s the only ingredient I didn’t use in this recipe. The […]

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Scallops in caramel-orange sauce ~ French Fridays with Dorie.

March 25, 2011

The first scallop I ate was quite an experience. I had it at a sushi bar in Tokyo with my uncle who introduced them to me as “hotate“. I had never heard about this shellfish before and that day was a day of firsts: raw shrimp, raw squid and raw scallops which became my favorite. […]

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Grouper ceviche with mango.

March 14, 2011

Kathlyn of Bake Like a Ninja was our Daring Cooks’ March 2011 hostess. Kathlyn challenges us to make two classic Peruvian dishes: Ceviche de Pescado from “Peruvian Cooking – Basic Recipes” by Annik Franco Barreau. And Papas Rellenas adapted from a home recipe by Kathlyn’s Spanish teacher, Mayra. Ceviche is Peru’s national dish. I wrote […]

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Beggar’s linguine ~ French Fridays with Dorie.

March 11, 2011

Look at the photo above and tell me: do you see an appetizing dish made with all those ingredients? When I started making this recipe, my answer was NO. Nuts, dried figs, raisins and pasta? No way. I would have chosen a hundred recipes over this one, and thats what I like about FFwD: sometimes […]

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Bacon Mac and Cheese

March 8, 2011

Fun shaped pasta in a sea of ooey gooey cheese sauce. Who can resist it? When I was a kid I loved making mac’n’cheese from a box and instant ramen. Comfort [may I say junk?] food so easy to make even a kid can succeed at it. I never eat the boxed stuff anymore and […]

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Short ribs in red wine and port ~ French Fridays with Dorie.

February 25, 2011

  I had never cooked short ribs before [maybe at school?]… This dish is something I would’ve never tried on my own, so I have to thank Dorie and this wonderful cooking group. I made half of the recipe since it calls for 9 pounds of ribs [I got 5], it also calls for a bottle […]

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